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CES welcomes input from customers and prospective customers, consultants & engineers, resellers and prospective partners. To request information, prepare a project proposal, a quotation, ask a question or get directions to our offices, refer to any of the contacts below.


About Us

Established in 1984, Computer Environment Solutions (CES) was founded in Calgary, Alberta with two Principals. In 2001 we expanded to include a Vancouver office, adding one Electrical & Electronic Engineer as Principal to the firm. Currently, with a team of 14, which includes 6 Mitsubishi Electric factory trained technician. we have the required technical knowledge, relevant experience and expertise necessary to deliver a successful mission critical project & after sales support for our clients.
CES provides spectrum of power quality products including: Mitsubishi Electric uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with battery or flywheel backup, Cyberex power distribution (PDUs), remote power panels (RPPs), static switches (STS), Current Technology transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS). CES provides precision air conditioning for controlled environment. CES also provides network furniture, life safety systems, generators. CES develop customized hardware & software for advanced automation and monitoring of our installed systems. CES offers service for complete project management, hot transfer of critical electrical loads from old UPS system to newly installed Mitsubishi UPS system uninterrupted, preventive maintenance with 10 years extended warranty. Whether your project is an industrial or commercial site, office or data center, medical facility or satellite launching ground station, small or large business, Computer Environment Solutions offers a wide range of products and services to suit your mission critical application.
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